Darker Than Love

Darker Than Love is a full-length feature film about a schizophrenic young man, who witnesses the murder of the woman he loves. When no one believes him, he sets out to prove her death and avenge her.

The project has a dark and cerebral tone, which is something that needed to be captured in the concept art. The primary color template used for the art was several shades of green and black, with red as an accent.

Traveling through Northern California in search of inspiration and possible locations to match the feel of the film, Shayan, serving as the director, and the producer Paul Thind stumbled upon a little town which had what they were looking for. Along the road much of the inspiration came from the lush greenery and deep forests that occupy most of the scenery.

Client Behelith Inc.
Year 07/2017
Genre Thriller / Tragedy
Role Direction | Branding | Design | Photography | Writer