Rock Me Up Cosmetics

Rock Me Up Cosmetics is a boutique cosmetics brand.

Before their complete rebrand, their product line was commissioned to be photographed. However, after about a year, the owner approached him as she was unsatisfied with her current brand image. Once they discussed some of her ideas together, Shayan created several different mockups until they settled for the logo and typography displayed below.

The 'Rock Me Up' font was inspired by the feeling of a careless youth, with light and flowy lines creating a cursive script. The bold spacious Serif of the subtext served as an anchor, grounding the whole composition. The heart and script were created to look as if it were done spontaneously with an eyeliner or lipstick.

Client Rock Me Up Cosmetics
Year 05/2012 - 03/2014
Role Design | Branding | Product Photography